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Research & Development

Enthusiasm for ceramic materials - Understanding the requirements - Developing solutions

These mainstays are at the same time the philosophy and engine of our qualified team of geoscientists, engineers and technicians with many years of experience. For many decades our Research & Development has been setting trends on a global level and is always working at the cutting edge of technology. In this way we could offer our customers technically efficient and economical materials.


We established step by step a pioneering position in the introduction of stages of development and new generations of refractory products. We search regularly for cost-effective and alternative raw materials to react flexible on changes of the raw material market and customer requirements. In this way we want to ensure that we could offer you a tailored product portfolio based on your needs. Different research work secure the technical suitability of new raw materials and products:

  • Specific qualification of natural and synthetic raw materials
  • Improvement of design, function and characteristics of refractory ceramic
  • Finding process engineering solutions for different material groups  

This is the only way to counteract the rising price pressure and the growing requirements of the user manufacture. This is why the Eisenberger luting sand, with its globally unique properties, always has a technical benefit for us when new developments occur.


Due to our well extended network of raw material suppliers we could already be part of the development phase. As a result we have the chance to optimize the raw materials for the requirements of our refractory products. This is how we ensure their compliance to our high standards, the demands of our customers and good for the further processing uses.


The close connection between our departments Research & Development, Sales, technical marketing and production allows us to adapt our Research and Development fastly to the demands of our customers. Furthermore we established a cooperation with international well-known universities and Institutions which support us in different researching projects.