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More than 100 years EKW GmbH

Our company

1903 four competing operators of small mines founded the „Eisenberger Klebsandwerke“ with the decision to get a leading position in the field of refractory material. The local available luting sand which impresses with remarkable mineralogical and chemical composition served as a basis for the business concept. It already possesses, in untreated condition and in temperatures until 1.700°, high mechanical consistencies with excellent binding properties and is, thus, predestined as a raw material for the refractory industry. Connected deposits of luting sand are also very rare and the occurrence of luting sand in the Eisenberg Basin is one of the largest of its kind worldwide. As a result, EKW GmbH is relatively independent of the raw material market.

Our identity

Our corporate identity encompasses all characteristics, orientations and interactions that characterise EKW GmbH and its subsidiaries and are perceived from the outside. Our identity is defined by the differences:

"Based on many similarities with other companies, we show our special features in order to position ourselves and strengthen our identity as a result."

Our vision & mission

Our heart is our vision
Our mission is our assignment


Tradition + Innovation = EKW

We are the international partner
for refractory technology & services

Our mission statement

Our mission statement stands for:

  • A sense of belonging
  • Respect for customers, employees, suppliers and the region
  • Responsible use of our resources
  • Innovation and constant customer and quality orientation

We thereby create guidelines which shape our corporate culture.

Our responsibility

As a company, we are aware of and committed to our corporate responsibility.


Compliance / Code of conduct

At EKW GmbH, we understand compliance to mean adherence to the law and to our internal corporate principles of conduct and guidelines. We adhere to national and international legal requirements and comply with applicable laws and regulations. For us, this forms the central basic principle for responsible economic action.

Our Code of Conduct forms the orientation framework for all employees of EKW GmbH. It combines our understanding of respect for and compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations with our corporate guidelines and the requirements of moral conduct.

If you would like to inform us about compliance violations, please use the following contact option:



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Global enlargement

The first successes came in 1928 with the foundation of the first subsidiary in France, which was also the basis for the further global growth of EKW GmbH. Diligence, ambition, innovative research and development ensured the expansion of the extensive portfolio. Further subsidiaries in Italy, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, Slovenia and Turkey were added over the years and with growing success.

Today EKW is known in the market as a specialist for refractory products and enjoy a high esteem worldwide. Our product portfolio goes from fire concrete, neutral, basic and acidic semi-plastic over dry-vibration masses to specific materials for all repair and gunning work. More than 150 employees in Eisenberg work daily to satisfy the high standards of this industry and to offer you the best service.